Introduction: Warm and Soothing Beeswax Salve

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Here is one of my favorite salve recipes, no fancy ingredients although you can feel free to add them, but I like how I can make something so simple that still feels wonderfully rich on the skin.

 The cayenne pepper and ginger infused into the oils provide a comfortable warming sensation, while also increasing blood flow to sore and overworked muscles, This along with the mild pain relief from the clove oil, is the perfect solution for aches and pains.

 I've also found that a bit rubbed onto the on the bottom of my feet in the winter is great if you suffer from cold toes. while also helping with dryness and cracking.

Note: see the last step for warnings and how to use.



  • 0.50 oz Beeswax
  • 3 oz Olive oil (or any oil that is liquid at room temp, like almond, avocado, caster, or fractionated coconut oil)
  • Sweet almond oil (optional)
  • 3 capsules (1/4 tsp) Vitamin E (to help keep it shelf stable)


  • 1/2 tbsp canine pepper
  • 1/2 tbsp ginger powder
  • 1/2 tbsp lavender buds (optional, replace with 6-8 drops of oil if you like the smell)
  • 6-8 drops anise seed oil
  • 6-8 drops clove oil


  • Hot plate
  • Stainless steel bowls
  • Heat safe container with a spout
  • Heat proof spatula
  • Cheesecloth
  • Small glass or metal containers.

Note: You can substitute any of the essential oils for scents that you prefer, however I would advise against using cinnamon oil, or powder in any skin product as it can be very irritating.

Step 1: Measuring Out the Ingredients, Prepping Containers

When making things like salve, its best to be precise, so I like to use a scale to measure out the ingredients, (I doubled the recipe)

For beeswax I used a pure beeswax candle, if your using a solid chunk like I am if find it much easier to grate it, (I find using a cheap hand held one is easier than breaking a standing one) so it's easier to measure, and melts faster, but that is optional, you can just cut it in chunks as well.

As for containers, I use stainless steel, or glass, but some hard plastics will work as well. my rule of thumb is if it can survive the sterilizing setting in my dishwasher, or a boiling water bath, then it's good. After washing and making sure they are completely dry, I place them out in a place where they will be able to sit undisturbed for a couple hours.

Step 2: Infusing the Oils

 Place the olive oil, or whichever oil your using in a stainless steel bowl place it over low heat (175*)

 Add in the ginger powder, cayenne pepper, and lavender buds,Stir until everything is well combined and let infuse for 10-15 minutes.

 When the time is up, strain out all the solids with a cheesecloth over the heat safe container with a spout

Step 3: Topping Up the Oils

Now add the oil back onto the scale, top it back up to 3 oz (or 6oz how every much you had before).

 I used sweet almond oil to do this, but you can use whichever type you like, or just use olive oil.

Set aside to cool a bit.

Step 4: Adding the Beeswax

 Melt the beeswax, watch it, stirring occasionally, beeswax takes more heat to melt then other waxes so I don't use a double boiler, you can do so just be sure not to get any water in the salve, as moisture is what will cause it to spoil.

 You can also use a microwave if that's easier of you, heat the wax for 30 seconds, then in 10 second intervals stirring in between.

 When the wax is all melted add it into the infused oils

Step 5: Add-ins

 Now we can add the more delicate oils, and ingredients, its best not to let essential oils or the vitamin E get to hot.

 You can add in whichever essential oils you want, but be sure to look up what the safe amounts are before using them,

 I add Vitamin E capsules to help preserve it, and also help with soothing the skin. Just use a needle to puncture the capsule and squeeze it all out.

Step 6: Filling Containers

 Working quickly fill up the contaniors your using, I recommend using dark glass, or stainless steel to keep it safe from the light.

 Leave uncovered, but don't give in to the temptation of the freezer or the fridge, you want to to cool off slowly so its top is nice and smooth.

 Once cooled down completely, store for up to a year in a cool, dry place. preferably away from lights.

Step 7: How to Use

 I use add a small amount to sore muscles rub in gently till your sink is soft and moisturized but not oily.

 While i've used this salve quite often and so have quite a few people with no problems, I do recommend that you test it out on the inside of your wrist, applied a small amount and wait an hour or two to be sure that you will have no problems.

Do not use this on children or elderly people, as while its effects are mild, they can still cause discomfort if used improperly.

For best results do not use on face or on sensitive parts of the skin.

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