Introduction: Make Your Own Longboard

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Build your own custom longboard with every detail you love! 

Whether you've broken your current skateboard or simply want to renew your old one, why not build your own longboard? This DIY project is straightforward and provides a step-by-step guide to making your own. You'll enjoy customizing your board with grip tape, choosing your preferred wheels, and assembling the skateboard truck.

This longboard measures 13" wide, 34" long, and has a 6" height. For more details, refer to the free 3D design. 

For a cool finish, consider painting the skateboard truck.

This project is perfect for individuals aged 14 and above. Beginners and pro should remember to wear protective gear. 

Let's embark on this new DIY adventure that will have you cruising in no time! Let's get started!


A note before starting - 

Please understand - the below diagrams are genuinely and carefully designed to help you navigate the build process. However, we don’t include specific recommendations for which tools, hardware, or products to use. These truly are “DIY” designs. 

As such – a significant portion of the build-process will be up to you, the builder. So please know, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to assemble any of our designs! If you need to depart from the instructions, or rearrange things along the way, feel free to. 

The only thing we ask: please be safe and use glasses and gloves while building. And of course, there’s no shame in asking an expert for help or seeking guidance from your local professionals at any time. 

And please: enjoy the process!


  • 1 Skateboard Wood - Lumber
  • 2 Wheels Skateboard Accessory - Mixed
  • Bearings 608zz
  • MBS All-terrain skateboard wheel
  • 4-way outlet galvanized steel 1/2"
  • Nipple galvanized steel 1/2"-3"inch 
  • Sandpaper tape skateboard
  • Maple skate board
  • 6° Wedge risers
  • Steel Brackets
  • Threaded Rods 5/16" x 12" inch
  • Nipple galvanized steel 1/2"-1"inch
  • INOX Allen Bolt 1/4" x 1.5" inch
  • 12- Nut 5/16" inch

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials and Board

To assemble your longboard, you'll need to cut and drill some parts.

Cut two 8-inch pieces from your 5/16" x 12" threaded rods. Use a fret file to polish them, this way you’ll avoid getting cut while assembling your longboard.

Trim the sandpaper or grip tape to about one centimeter wider than your board. Press it onto the board, with a tool that could cut the sandpaper then peel off the excess.

Use a 6º wedge riser to mark where to drill the four holes for the INOX allen bolts 1/4" x 1.5". 

Make sure they are at the middle end of your board.

For safety, wear gloves and safety glasses throughout the process.

Carefully drill the four holes, cleaning up any sawdust left behind. 

We used a 3D printed part to help center the holes perfectly. If you need the design for this part, let us know by leaving a comment or sending us a private message.

Place the drill in the middle of your 1" cap and carefully drill each hole.

Look in the video how the 1" cap should look like after drilled.

Step 2: Assembling the Longboard's Truck

Now, let's put together the longboard’s truck for the wheels. Keep all parts nearby to avoid confusion. For this step, gather the following:

  • ½” - 1” Galvanized Steel Nipples
  • 6º Wedge Risers
  • Steel Brackets
  • ¼” x 1.5” INOX Allen Bolts
  • ⅜” INOX Flat Washers
  • Skateboard Rubber Bushings
  • 5/16” Nuts

Take the drilled 1" cap and insert a 3/8" x 1 3/4" INOX Allen Bolt through the hole, followed by a 3/8'' x 3/8'' INOX Flat Washer and a skateboard rubber bushing. Repeat this process four times.

Attach the steel brackets to the assembled parts, ensuring the bracket faces downward. Add another bushing, a flat washer, and a nut. Repeat this step twice.

Use the 3-Way and 2” nipples. Attach two nipples to each 3-way. Then, attach two of the previously built parts, but leave the cap slightly loose for now.

Attach this assembly to the cap added to the bracket. Tighten both caps simultaneously, paying attention to the video for guidance, and then tighten the nuts.

Attach 4 1/2" - 3" Galvanized Steel Nipples to the sides of the 3-Way, with the drill cap at the end.

Insert the 5/16" x 12" threaded rod, ensuring it's even on both sides, and then tighten the 5/16" nuts.

Step 3: Installing the Longboard Wheels

Now, let's affix the wheels to our longboard.

Insert the 608zz bearings, followed by the bearing spacers, and then the 5/16" nuts. Ensure they are pressed in securely. You can use the threaded rod to center them perfectly, look at the video tutorial. Once all four wheels are prepared, attach them to the skateboard’s truck.

Finally, attach the riser and truck to the wooden board, and tighten the truck nuts.

Your longboard should be as flexible as we show it on the video.

Lastly, tighten the Kingpin.

Step 4: Design Your Own Longboard

If you want to make any adjustments to this you can always visit our design app for DIYers modify or create your own project for Wood, PVC, Aluminum, or T-Slot Aluminum.

Is there any design you would like to see? Please leave us a comment.

Thank you for reading and watching the video!