Introduction: Easy Crochet Scarf With Spider Stitch One Row Repeat Pattern

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Bulky Yarns are the best to use for Crocheted Blankets. They work up really quick and make great warm cozy blankets. Blankets that use bulkier yarn are always a favorite of many crocheters. You can easily alter the size of these Blanket by changing the starting number of Chains.

Today am sharing the tutorial on How To Crochet Star Stitch Blanket With Bulky Yarn. Its a easy Two Row repeat pattern. The Star stitch is a beautiful stitch pattern that creates a pretty texture that is perfect for a cozy blanket. The Star Stitch pattern looks complicated but it’s actually an easy stitch to crochet.


7 / 30 Inches - can be customized to any size



Variegated Cake Yarn

4 mm Crochet Hook

Step 1:

Here is the Video Tutorial:-

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Step 2:

Round 1:-

Start with a Slip Knot.

Chain 27 + 2 Chains extra for the Turning Chain.

This measures around 7 inches.

You can adjust the size of the Scarf by altering these stitches according to your requirement.

Start with any Odd Number of Chains + 2 Chains extra for the Turning Chain.

Step 3:

Round 2:-

1 Single Crochet in the 2nd Chain from the hook.

In the next stitch make (1 Single Crochet ,Chain 1,1 Single Crochet)-all in the same stitch.

Skip 1 stitch.

Repeat((1SC,Ch1,1SC), skip 1)

1 Single Crochet in the last stitch.

Chain 1 and turn your project.

Step 4:

Round 3:-

**This Round Onwards, we will be working only in the Chain 1 Space from the previous round.

1 Single Crochet in the 1st stitch.

In the next Chain 1 Space make- (1 Single Crochet, Chain 1, 1 Single Crochet)

Repeat((1SC,Chain 1,1SC) - in each of the Chain 1 spaces.

1 Single Crochet in the last stitch.

Chain 1 and turn your project.

Step 5:

Round 4 Onwards:-

Keep repeating Round 3 untill the size needed.